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Serving premium artisnal Argentine gelato in Miami.


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On a summer morning in 1969, Freddo opened its first store in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. That was how the history of the store with the most delicious helado began. Since then, Freddo has been the leader in "helado" ‚ premium artisanal Argentine gelato. Having conquered the local market for helado, the company decided to open its first store overseas ‚ in the neighboring city of Punta del Este, Uruguay ‚ circa 199. The success of its first endeavor outside Argentina ‚ and the growing reputation of Argentine gelato ‚ convinced them to take their flavorful treat to other countries, landing in Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, UK, and Brazil, followed by the long awaited opening of their first stores in USA. Today Freddo has over 15 stores worldwide, delivering to each location a consistent high-quality product that is unparalleled in the global marketplace.